Monday, September 27

kordan - the longing

sometimes i think.... isn't there enough shoegaze stuff around for now?.... but then some new band comes up with an album and literally blows me off my chair. exactly this happend to me when i first listened to kordan. this brooklyn 3-piece manage to mix shoegaze with electronic music in a nearly perfect way. other than bands such as kyte and maps, it's less dreamy but yet so more powerful. at some parts it seems they had a sip on a goblet filled with manchester rave, oldskool shoegaze and joy division ingredients. the masterpiece "mirror" (see the video below) could become one of my all time favourite songs, since it's pure ear-orgasm. so is the whole album.... okay and that's why i need to stop writing and continue listening.... for the third time in a row. wow, just wow!!!
9/10 (fk)

kordan on myspace:
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: film school, the daysleepers, tears run rings, screen vinyl image, secret shine
tags: shoegaze, electronic

actual album: kordan - the longing (digital: september 28, 2010)
mp3's are available on amazon! (physical release will follow in october)

01. dawn

02. shinjuku
03. fantasy nation
04. tokyo tears
05. colours
06. closer
07. dream
08. mirror
09. hologram
10. ghost
11. dawn (redux)

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