Sunday, September 12

young man - boy ep

colin caulfield is a young man from chicago who sings about the things that seem to be simple, but when packed in songs, they become important.... so why not singing about them? it's about the thing and emotions we all went through when we were young and.... that we often disavow. musically.... yes musically this is nothing really new, but colin has that talent to make simple songs sound great. a dream-like soundscape is created throughout the ep with the use of reverb and echo, along with field recordings of sounds like birds chirping or rain-like static. after the first plays i was about to say "he sounds a bit like animal collective unplugged". it's just him, his guitar, his very pleasant voice and some additional instruments and effects. never overloaded, always harmonious. never forget.... it's his debut! a mature debut.... perfect and enjoyable. one of the best debuts i have heard throughout the past months. just ask bradford cox (deerhunter / atlas sound). he knows. why?, just a year ago, he stumbled upon caulfield’s organ-grinding rendition of “rainwater cassette exchange” and said it’s “fantastically superior to the original. it actually sent shivers up my spine, especially during the second verse.”all thumbs and toes up for this!
10/10 (fk)

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tags: folk, dream pop

actual ep: young man - boy (august 24, 2010 (iTunes release date)
(physical release (europe) was april 25)
europe: (
album is available on iTunes!

01. five

02. hands
03. home alone
04. bedtime
05. playtime
06. just a growin'
07. up so fast

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  1. I listened to his his myspace some months ago but wasn't convinced to download this EP :o
    I'll give it another chance ^^