Friday, October 1

blue hawaii - blooming summer

some nice 8-track ep comes from the montréal based duo "blue hawaii". i don't know anything about this band, except for the things written on the net. the label says this:

"Blue Hawaii tells the story of a lush paradise. The way begins ambient and uncertain, but beautiful white shell beaches and carefree sunshine parties await and nourish those travelers with love in their hearts; their peace thus raised above the arguments found along the rocky road. The duo consists of Raph and Agor; they use voice, guitars, synths, drum machines, and other electronics to create a kind of tropical-pop with love ache melodies and experimental club rhythms."

fact is.... the ep contains 8 tracks that sweep from chillwave'ish stuff to very danceable stuff.... from dreamy stuff to poppy tunes. it's very entertaining. sometimes it reminds me of dead can dance remixed by blackbird blackbird played in a peaches dj-set. you can download the album FOR FREE on the arbutus label website.... if you don't want to donate!!!! be fair! surprisingly good ep/mini album!
8.5/10 (fk) ..... after 3 plays it's 10/10!!!!

blue hawaii on myspace:
similar artists
: small black, houses, candy claws, twin sister, parallels
tags: chillwave, electronic

actual ep: blue hawaii - blooming summer (???, 2010)
(arbutus records)
download the album here... you can donate... you must not!!

01. lilac

02. dream electrixra
03. katie
04. blue gowns
05. belize
06. castle of clouds
07. lonelyhearts
08. sparkle market

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