Thursday, October 7

the fresh & onlys - play it strange

the fresh & onlys, another great san francisco based band is up with a new album. i remembered them from when i was in sf in june and my mate had them on his stereo. i liked them, but i couldn't find anything by them.... at least not over here in germany. now they are about to release their third album (and their first on "in the red records"). the album is a bit different from what i remember being on my friends player. this album is a very solid produced garage/psychedelic album.... with a very... poppy flair and a slight touch of the smiths and the go-betweens. if you listen carefully you might hear where they're from.... as last fm says:

"The Fresh and Onlys are reminiscent of San Francisco’s earlier Haight & Ashbury ancestors".

nearly each song on this record has those "distant vocals" that remind me of black rebel motorcycle club and other bands of that style. this album romantic sentiments into expansive guitar hooks and twinkling piano touches that walk off into a distant, cold, dark desert night, leaving you with a head filled with crystal-clear memories and a heart covered in dust. my personal favourites are "i'm a thief", "summer of love" and "until the end of time".
9/10 (fk)

the fresh & onlys on myspace:
similar artists
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tags: psychedelic, garage

forthcoming album: the fresh & onlys - play it strange (october 12, 2010)
(in the red records)
digital album will be available on iTunes!!!

01. summer of love

02. waterfall
03. strange disposition
04. tropical island suite
05. i'm all shook up
06. be my hooker
07. fascinated
08. plague of frogs
09. who needs a man
10. red light, green ligh
11. i'm a thief

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