Saturday, October 16

team ghost - celebrate what you can't see

finally team ghost's new ep is out. i was desperately waiting for it, since i was (and still am) deeply in love with their last ep "you never did anything wrong to me", which came out in april this year. 5 new songs on the ep, even though "signs & wonders" is around on the net for quite a while. the whole ep could be described as an "ambient centre bookended by bursts of melodramatic urgency" (drowned in sound). the opener "high hopes" is an epic monster that starts off with dreamy synth strings, a searing guitar and some vocals... after the break, the song's about to lift off into the stratosphere with bleeping arpeggios, distorted guitars, background vocals and crashing cymbals. the title track and "it's been a long way, but we're free" are two instrumentals that bring you down from that trip into the stratosphere. "signs & wonders" is the one song that reminds me on m83 the most, especially when the guitars set in. if someone remembers "before the dawn heals us".... you'll know what i mean. "into my arms" is a wonderful dreamy song with lush strings and vocals. a perfect song to end a great ep. hopefully these guys will come up with an album pretty soon
9/10 (fk)

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: m83, letting up despite great faults, the depreciation guild, malory, school of seven bells
tags: shoegaze, electronic

actual ep: team ghost - celebrate what you can't see (october 8, 2010)
(sonic cathedral recordings)
digital ep is available on iTunes!!!

team ghost - celebrate what you can't see.jpg
01. high hopes

02. celebrate what you can't see
03. it's been a long way, but we're free
04. signs & wonders
05. into my arms

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