Saturday, October 30

we are trees - boyfriend

there are two bands named we are trees. i am not talking about the welsh "rock-pop-indie-whatever-we-don't-need-this-sound-anymore" band. this "we are trees" are pretty new to me and all i know is, they have one debut ep out, they raise from virginia beach and they do sound excellent. as i was listening to their ep the first time i had at least 3 or 4 dejà vú's. there's a bit of fleet foxes, a bit of band of horses and most conspicuously.... the dodos, especially the percussion on sunset sunrise reminds me of "fools". it doesn't mean that we are trees are a copy of the mentioned bands, they just manage to put all these similarities together and out comes one great 4-track ep. to me it's the discovery of the week and i am deeply in love with it!
10/10 (fk)

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similar artists
: the dodos, fleet foxes, band of horses, grizzly bear, department of eagles
tags: folk, bedroom pop

forthcoming ep: we are trees - boyfriend (november 9, 2010)
(collective crowd records)
get "boyfriend ep" at collective crowd records: boyfriend ep

01. sunrise sunset

02. daniel
03. dear chan marshall
04. final round

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