Saturday, November 27

eternal summers - silver

hailing from virginia, this duo seems to be a copy of best coast.... at the first sight. if you're willing to have a closer look on this band, you'll see that they're far from being a copy or. okay, their music sound a bit like best coast, but that's just because it's female vocals and lo-fi-garage'ish sounds. eternal summers sound more rough than best coast, even though the album is well produced. this band works best when both sing.... boy/girl vocals. 12 short songs that put you into good humour. to me a perfect album to start a saturday night. their 1:43 short pogo and the title track are highlights!!
8/10 (fk)

eternal summers on myspace:
similar artists
: best coast, seapony, dum dum girls, christmas island, las robertas
tags: lo-fi, garage

actual album: eternal summers - silver
(september 28, 2010) (kanine records)
album is available on iTunes!!!

01. disciplinarian

02. i know now
03. pogo
04. eternal
05. running high
06. safe at home
07. i'll die young for rock n roll
08. salty
09. world's away
10. dye
11. silver
12. bully in disguise

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