Tuesday, November 23

sail a whale - a documentation

sail a whale is a duo from sweden and i don't know anything about them. i just stumbled upon one of their videos. their music is like a fluffy cloud in a light pink sky.... or in other words.... it's like a spaced out version of m83. honestly it reminds me of last year's neo(n) eden ep "pocket sea". voices in the distance and reverbed sounds. to me it's the perfect soundtrack to a day in bed, starring out of the window waiting for the first snow to fall. their actual ep will come out as a limited 12'' vinyl edition.
8/10 (fk)

sail a whale on tumblr: http://sailawhale.tumblr.com/
similar artists
: neo(n) eden, m83, low sea, echo lake, the bilinda butchers
tags: shoegaze, electronic

actual ep: sail a whale - a documentation
(november, 2010) (acéphale records / sincerely yours)
limited vinyl ep (500 copies) only available through acéphale records & sicerely yours: buy it here!!!

01. find me a boy

02. a sea inside
03. see you inside

01. slwhl
02. event
03. remainder

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