Wednesday, December 15

chapel club - wintering ep

chapel club's latest ep is a very special and limited thing. it was only sold at their gig in salford on dec. 9. the ep features 4 new songs. all of them are epic. other than their previous songs, those 4 songs are less indie-rock but more post-dream-rock'ish. the opener "roads" is the one that fills the gap between songs like "all the eastern girls" and those 4 songs. the ep is like an order to slow down for a while. lewis bowman's vocals are the guiding light to make you feel comfortable while you lay back enjoying the music. "telluride" is a cold but beautiful airy hymn and pretty much the one track that is most different from all their previous stuff. a wonderful slow monster of a song. it's almost shoegaze'ish. the epic "widows" is another 8 minute hymn. less airy but more grounded and it reminds me a bit of the verve's earlier productions.
10/10 (fk)

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tags: post punk, indie

actual ep: gchapel club - wintering ep
exclusively sold at the band's gig in salford (dec. 9)

01. roads

02. telluride
03. bodies
04. widows

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