Saturday, December 4

colour the waves - a 2010 chillwave retrospective

as mentioned a dozen times before.... 2010 has been a great year for music lovers. it brought us some of the strongest releases, some great new artists and there was this chillwave thing. well, honestly... it still is. i wasn't really sure about chillwave at first, but i liked most of the chillwave labelled releases, at least until late summer. chillwave is not a 2010 thing.... it started way earlier and the whole thing is like a melange of various other styles such as dream pop, shoegaze, surf pop, house, techno, pop and electronic music. it hit me while i was in the right mood for exactly this kinda music. i put some of the best chillwave labelled tracks on this compilation. i could have made a 2-cd compilation, but i decided to leave it at one cd. nevertheless, it's some sorta yearbook of great chilled out music.... memorabilia of a great spring and an even greater summer 2010.

01. fiveng - easy
02. tungs - dream machine
03. korallreven - the truest face
04. toro y moi - blessa
05. small black - photojournalist
06. chad valley - up and down
07. teen daze - gone for the summer
08. blackbird blackbird - aura
09. tv girl - if you want it
10. total warr - seasidal tendencies
11. elite gymnastics - is this on me?
12. blue hawaii - lilac
13. brothertiger - vision tunnels
14. jamie long - distance
15. beat connection - in the water
16. houses - soak it up
17. memory tapes - swimming field
18. sunvisor - sky dive
19. washed out - you'll see it (small black remix)
20. trophy boyfriend - like you were frozen just as you were about to speak
21. neon indian - 6669 (i don't know if you know)
22. naminé - spacific ocean
23. cosmic sound - night owl
24. the radio dept. a token of gratitude

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  1. Hi Gusl,
    wenn du youtube videos als iframe einbindest, so
    (ich darf hier keinen code posten, du hast post!)
    dann laufen die auch auf igeräten ohne f***ing flash!