Wednesday, December 1

colours - colours ep

first of.... i don't know anything about this band. i just know i found them on bandcamp and i fell in love with their sound. it's a bit of everything that could be defined as.... shoegaze. they've got a bit of my bloody valentine, they've got a bit of slowdive, they've got bit of malory. on 3 of their songs from the free ep there's this amazing "shuffle-beat" that makes their songs coming around like someone was sneaking in your bedroom late at night. "could i" and "a thousand words" are my personal highlights. give them a try.... please!
9/10 (fk)

colours on bandcamp:
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similar artists
: atlas young, the new lines, kordan, the depreciation guild, soundpool
tags: shoegaze, electronic

actual ep: colours - coulours ep
(october 10, 2010) (free loving anarchists)
album is available here:

01. could i?

02. sleeper
03. i've watched you suffer
04. a thousand words

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  1. I like it! By the way I downloaded Mackintosh Brown earlier today :D I guess you're also a Magiska fan :p
    PS: you wrote highlighs instead of highlights!