Saturday, December 18

exit calm - don't look down

"new" ep by south-yorkshire 4-piece "exit calm". after their debut in may, it's their first release including 4 new songs and one remix. those 4 new songs (all on you, hope, higher learning and awake) tie in perfectly with the album. it's that mixture of early "the verve" style and shoegaze/post-rock elements that make their songs sound epic. it's like the boxer rebellion on lsd, just way way better. "hope" is probably their best song ever.
9.5/10 (fk)

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similar artists
: the verve, the boxer rebellion, 93 million miles from the sun, highspire, tears run rings
tags: shoegaze, post rock

actual ep: exit calm - don't look down ep
(october 4, 2010) (club ac30)
ep is available on iTunes!!

01. don't look down (edit)

02. all on you
03. hope
04. serenity (lost & found mix)
05. higher learning
06. awake

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