Sunday, December 12

gatekeeper - giza ep

if you ever wondered what would come out if front 242 and salem had sex.... or what would happen if some witch house acts were sent straight to the 80s in a funky time machine... with a high-end laptop and some of the latest music software in their bags..... the answer my friend is here: gatekeeper. this is simply amazing stuff. all 6 tracks on the ep are strong. they are even more ebm oriented, or more witch house oriented. honestly, i've never been a big fan of ebm (exceptions: front 242 and nitzer ebb), but this is like the best thing close to what i'd call (witchy) ebm.
9/10 (fk)

gatekeeper on myspace:
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: white car, white ring, salem, front 242, nitzer ebb
tags: ebm, witch house

actual ep: gatekeeper - giza (digital: december 10 / vinyl: december 13, 2010)
(vinyl: merok records)
available as "digital single" on iTunes!

01. chains

02. storm column
03. serpent
04. giza
05. mirage
06. oracle

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  1. 'witchy' is the very last thing i would call gatekeeper. more like these guys were probably raised on early Wax Trax! and new beat. they are from chicago after all.