Saturday, December 4

mackintosh braun - where we are

usually i don't give a damn on any bands that are featured on tv-series like grey's anatomy or others, but mackintosh braun are way to good to keep them unmentioned. their new album comes pretty close to what i'd call a perfect pop-album. amongst all the surf-pop-chillwave-witch-house-indie stuff, this is one great exception. sure, it reminds me of zoot woman and maybe broken bells, but it's such a perfect production and nearly every song is a highlight. this album proves, that electropop or whatever you'd like to call it.... can be uber addictive. i don't wanna highlight any song, but "could it be" is simply amazing and to me one of the best electronic pop songs since "the high road" or "things are what they used to be". this portland duo and their album should be on every "best of 2010 list". i swear, they'll be on mine!!
10/10 (fk)

mackintosh braun official website:
similar artists
: zoot woman, broken bells, junior boys, maps, röyksopp
tags: electropop, electronic

actual album: cmackintosh braun - where we are
(september 21, 2010) (wea/atlantic)
album is available here:

01. could it be

02. familiar
03. unfortunate
04. frozen
05. i won't fall
06. nothing else is real
07. made for us
08. line in the sand
09. to protect
10. where we are

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