Monday, January 17

cut copy - zonoscope

the release of cut copy's third album is coming nearer. i had the chance to listen to album on the weekend (i guess most of you had that chance too) and all i can say is.... this album is a masterpiece. i know i used that word several times on this blog, but this time it's so absolutely true. the opener "need you now" is one of the best openers to a great dance/electronic album i have ever heard. for sure, cut copy don't re-invent the wheel, but whatever they're doing, they do it with so much style. "take me over" and "where i'm going" should be known and on everyone's playlist. "pharaohs & pyraminds" is another great dance tune. it reminds me of yazoo or early erasure songs and i was desperately waiting to hear alison moyet start singing. one of my favourite songs is "alisa". the chorus on that song is so uber catchy. it already appeared in my dreams last night. it could become one of my alltime faves by cut copy. the best vocal parts on this record, besides the ones on alisa and sun god can be found on "corner of the sky". at some parts they remind me of 70s glam-rock. another musical higlight is the already mentioned "sun god". a 15 minute hypnotic dance monster. ...are you gonna give me your love - love won't be enough..... . sun god is for sure also one of cut copy's strongest songs ever. i am still overwhelmed from this and i can't wait to get my hands on the album... and of course to go seeing them live in march. zonoscope is best proof that australia is still leading in stylish and great dance music (i am pretty sure zoot woman are secretly australians ;)).
10/10 (fk 17.01.11)

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similar artists: pnau, van she, miami horror, the presets, midnight juggernauts

last fm tags: electronic, indie, australian

forthcoming album: cut copy - zonoscope
release date: february 6, 2011 (australia) / february 7, 2011 (europe) / february 8, 2011 (usa)
label: modular
will be available on iTunes and amazon

01. need you now
02. take me over

03. where i'm going
04. pharaohs & pyramids
05. blink and you'll miss a revolution

06. strange nostalgia for the future

07. this is all we've got
08. alisa
09. hanging onto every heartbeat
10. corner of the sky
11. sun god

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