Tuesday, January 18

cutoff!cutoff! - sing

cutoff!cutoff! is a producer from ludwigshafen/germany. he lived in london for a while and spent last winter in nyc and berlin to be now back in his industrial hometown.
after years of playing in various hardcore- and indie-bands he gained first recognition as a producer of electronic music with his remix for the post-rock band "the haar", which was released on the berlin based "sinnbus" label.
other remixes, as well as laptop livesets followed though being of a rougher sound than the current deep and mellow work, which points at the immersion in bass somwhere in the field between house, dub, techno and downbeat.

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/cutoffcutoff
homepage: http://spontaneousrhythm.com/artists/cutoffcutoff/
soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/cutoffcutoff/

cutoff!cutoff! got a new ep "sing" out. it's released through the "spontaneous rhythm" label. the first two songs "sing" and "t is to n" are a wonderful journey through the depths of mellow post-dubstep..... wicket but but also simply relaxing. the remixes are two progressive house mixes and pretty okay! check it out:

Cutoff! Cutoff! - Sing EP by Howes/Spontaneous Rhythm

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