Saturday, January 29

hercules and love affair - blue songs

less gayness, more electronics.... that's what i'd say about the new hercules and love affair album in one sentence. and no, this is not because antony does not sing on the new record, but it's because not all the new songs are packed in a "70s gay disco" package, like on the debut album. but then again.... hercules and love affair don't sound that unique anymore. for sure, it's a great dance album and of course we all get ready in our silver dresses and suits for a heavy night at one of their live gigs, but... at least to me, the album sounds replaceable by any other well produced dance album. to make it clear.... it's a great record and i like it after the first spins, but i miss a bit of uniqueness there.
8/10 (fk 29.01.11)

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similar artists: hot chip, róisín murphy, junior boys, cut copy, the juan maclean

last fm tags: electronic, disco, synthpop

actual album: hercules and love affair - blue songs
release date: january 31, 2011
label: moshi moshi records
available on iTunes

01. painted eyes (feat. aerea negrot)
02. my house (feat. shaun j. wright)

03. answers come in dreams (feat. aerea negrot)
04. leonora
05. boy blue (feat. shaun j. wright)

06. blue song

07. falling (feat. shaun j. wright)
08. i can't wait
09. step up (feat. kele okereke)
10. visitor (feat. aerea negrot)
11. it's alright
12. i can't wait (kink mix)

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