Wednesday, January 19

incan abraham - sunscreen

incan abraham have not been around for long, but they seem to have a very firm grip on exactly how they should sound. because their sound is entirely their own and rests in the creases between pop and psych, we do not hesitate to appreciate what they have created. these boys should be a recognizable name sooner rather than later.... (npr)
true true.... they should be a recognizable name... sooner!!! their ep "adult world" rocked my playlists in fall last year and now this new ep. "third man" is like a perfect mix of various influences such as animal collective, bear in heaven, deerhunter and and and. it's psychedelic pop and it's one of those tracks that makes me think only americans can do such music. i have no idea why, but it makes me feel like i was living on the wrong side of the big drink. "sunscreen" is way poppier than third man, but also totally addictive. it's like they put all the good pieces of the big indie/alternative cake in one song. that dlx remix of "third man" is a great reduction to beats, bass and vocals. sorry to say that, but animal collective couldn't have done it better. the only track i don't really like is that broken circuit remix of sunscreen. okay, it's not bad, but it doesn't really fit on the ep. a nice nu disco/house mix, but it doesn't really fit in. incan abrahm - a name to remember and a name to put on everyone's list of "artists that should come up with an album real soon".... i want more of this.... absolutely great music!!!
oh, and don't you forget to check their previous ep "adult world" which can also be found on their bandcamp site for FREE!!!! (link:

9.5/10 (fk 19.01.11)

incan abraham on myspace:

similar artists: rancho relaxo, lotus plaza, low sea, animal collective, bear in heaven

last fm tags: psychedelic, shoegaze, indie

actual ep: incan abraham - sunscreen ep
release date: january 2011
label: self released
download the ep for free at their bandcamp site: incan abraham - sunscreen ep

01. third man
02. sunscreen

03. third man (dlx remix)
04. sunscreen (broken circuits remix)

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