Tuesday, January 11

the new division - the rookie

my friend introduced this band to me, back in 2009 and i thought.... hey, another nice band that sounds like a mix of new order and depeche mode. now, as their new ep is out i gotta reconsider that. they still got that 80s touch, but their sound has grown. they're not just another "let's sound 80s" copycat. it's a bit of everything, but most important... it's music that won't keep you sitting on your chair. at least i can't sit still while listening to it. i bet if this kind of music would've been played in any new wave disco in the eighties... it would have become really really huge. it's technopop mixed with great vocals, electronic effects and melodies that aren't too simple but still very catchy. "starfield" reminds me of their earlier stuff the most, while "no health" is a dancefloor stomper par excellence. "nocturnal" reminds me of hearts of black science..... amazing song! all thumbs up for this ep!!!
10/10 (fk 11.01.11)

the new division on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thenewdivision

the new division website: http://www.thenewdivision.net/fr_home.cfm
similar artists: hearts of black science, kite, grafton ptimary, the presets, cut copy

last fm tags: new wave, electronic, indie

actual ep: the new division - the rookie
release date: january 11, 2011
label: self released
ep is available on iTunes

01. starfield
02. devotion

03. no health
04. nocturnal
05. festival

06. bucharest (+ hidden track)

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