Friday, January 7

pop goes noise....

i want you to check out two very good bands. first "gypsy death and you". a philly based two-piece (emily cahill and alex wilson). their first ep is up on bandcamp. that one song "capital jump" is a great noisy pop song.

gyspy death and you on myspace
gypsy death and you on muxtape


second there's "catwalk". the band consists of singer/songwriter nick hessler. catwalk's sound isn't really noise-pop, but the new single (already featured on pitchfork) is. or as captured tracks writes about it: "washed in echoed guitar and propelled by a pulsating bassline". on pitchfork lately and i fell in love with the new single (out on january 18 on the amazing "captured tracks").

catwalk on myspace
free mp3: one by words

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