Tuesday, January 4

presents for sally - a touch of joy, a touch of sadness

presents for sally's debut album "a touch of joy, a touch of sadness" is yet another shoegaze/dreampop diamond. i first heard of them in 2009, on the "the secret garden" compilation which featured their song "flowers falling sideways". it was one of my favourites from that compilation. musically they are pretty similar to bands such as "asobi seksu", "tears run rings" or "monster movie" but they manage to keep their sound unique. the song structures are fragile but the guitar riffs and/or the use of electronic effects put them in shape. the album is a fantastic acoustic surprise egg. for example.... take that song "chug". in the beginning it sounds like an 80s electro new wave song, thrown in a barrel full of melancholy and distant voices before slight agressive guitars stir the dough. out comes a rather yummy dreampop-cookie. or take "i don't know why".... it reminds me of bands such as ride, catherine wheel or other early 90s heroes. wonderfully retro and inspiring. if you have a thing for surprising stuff, get this album. you won't regret
8.5/10 (fk 05.01.11)

presents for sally on myspace:
presents for sally on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Presents-for-sally/51613560770
similar artists:
monster movie, asobi seksu, tears run rings, spc eco, soundpool
last fm tags:
shoegaze, dream pop, nu-gaze

actual album: presents for sally - a touch of joy, a touch of sadness
release date: november 22, 2010
label: laserghost
available on iTunes and amazon

01. smell your scent
02. smooch

03. catch your fall
04. sunsets in your eyes
05. alone

06. your hand in mine

07. chug
08. i don't know why

09. a touch of joy, a touch of sadness
10. point

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