Monday, January 10

the veils - the troubles of the brain

since their first appearance on tv (back in 2004 on fast forward - one of the best, if not the best ever music show on german tv) i am in love with the veils and especially with finn andrews' wonderful voice. after their highly acclaimed third album "sun gangs" in 2009 they're back with an impressive 6-track ep. they haven't lost any of their subtile energy and their songwriting gets better and better each time they come up with new stuff. the ep is a perfect mix of indie-pop-rock stuff and singer-songwriter material. it's like a black and white short movie filmed in 6 several locations. fantastic stuff there. glad these guys are still around.... better than ever. if you pre-order it now, you'll get a bonus track "iodine and iron" for free.
9/10 (fk 10.01.11)

The Veils - Iodine and Iron from Pitch Beast on Vimeo.

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similar artists: i am kloot, mystery jets, delays, shearwater, starsailor

last fm tags: indie, alternative, singer-songwriter

forthcoming ep: the veils - the troubles of the brain
release date: january 24, 2011
label: pitch beast
will be available on iTunes and amazon

01. bloom
02. don't let the same bee sting you twice

03. the stars came out once the lights went out
04. the wishbone
05. grey lynn park

06. us godless teenagers

07. iodine and iron (bonus track)

The Veils - The Troubles of The Brain EP (Sampler) by drownedinsound

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