Monday, February 14

the babies - the babies

a new "supergroup" is about to enter the arena.... the babies, consists of members from various bands, but most notably are kevin morby (woods) and cassie ramone (vivian girls). they have been around as the babies for a while but now they're about to release their first album. the girl/boy vocals hit the point and musically it must definitely not hide behind their main projects... at parts it's actually better. most of the songs are upbeat and fun listening to. it's a an entertaining trip and if you don't like it after the first spins.... i promise, it'll grow! it's a more than solid album. you'll get what you expect.... if not more!
8.5/10 (fk 15.02.11)

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similar artists: vivian girls, eternal summers, las robertas, tennis, dum dum girls
last fm tags: lo-fi, garage pop, surf rock

the babies - the babies
release date: february 15, 2011
label: shrimper records
album is available on amazon

01. run me over
02. sunset

03. all things come to pass
04. voice like thunder
05. meet me in the city

06. personality

07. breakin' the law
08. sick kid
09. wild 1
10. wild 2
11. caroline

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