Monday, February 7

beach fossils - what a pleasure

beach fossils.... one of my favourite bands in 2010 are about to return with a brand new 8-track ep entitled "what a pleasure". i was a bit worried about them coming back as something completely new... but no no no... they are still the same, just a bit better than before. their new ep might not sound that rough anymore. everything is more laid back and i do see a bit of a growing minimalism in their sound. sometimes less is more. the whole ep is like a short trip to the beach on a cool spring morning....while the sun rises and waft of mist draw back onto the open sea. i want more of this... it's so good and really puts me in a very very special humour. "what a pleasure", "fall right in" and "adversity" are my highlights.
10/10 (fk 07.02.11)

beach fossils on myspace:

similar artists: real estate, surfer blood, girls, best coast, the drums
last fm tags: surf rock, lo-fi, garage rock

forthcoming ep: beach fossils - what a pleasure
release date: march 8, 2011
label: captured tracks
ep will be available on iTunes

01. moments
02. what a pleasure

03. fall right in
04. out in the way (feat. jack tatum)
05. face it

06. distance

07. calyer
08. adversity

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