Sunday, February 27

bibio - mind bokeh

if you're into mind-travelling or headphone music, you'll probably be longing for bibio's second full album release for warp records. "mind bokeh" continues there where "ambivalence avenue" ended. it's a great and sometimes unexpected travel through various soundscapes. there's 70s like arrangements mixed with funky house and electro rhythms..... there's afrobeats and percussion with slight carribean vibes. at parts the music makes me wanna pack my bags and get the next plane to anywhere where's summer for some relaxing on the beach.... with my headphones on, listening to "mind bokeh". one song is totally different from all the other 11 songs and that's "take off your shirt" which comes along like cover version of a long lost song by french band "phoenix". it's a downtempo album, but it has enough energy to make you swing your head..... or at least a foot while listening to it. stephen wilkinson is the new "headdiscoqueen"!
10/10 (fk 27.02.11)

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last fm tags: ambient, electronic, experimental

bibio - mind bokeh
release date: april 4, 2011
label: warp records

album will be available on iTunes!

01. excuses
02. pretentious

03. anything new
04. wake up!
05. light sheep

06. take off your shirt

07. artists' valley
08. k is for kelson
09. mind bokeh
10. more excuses
11. feminine eye
12. saint chistopher

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