Saturday, February 26

cult of youth - cult of youth

i've never been into "neo-folk" or "goth-folk" that much, except for 80s underground heroes "virgin prunes", but cult of youth's debut album might change that. their debut album is like a missing link between dark post-punk, neo-folk and traditional celtic music. there's that typical post-punk'ish and passionate vocal arrangements that remind me of joy division or nick cave (at parts) and it works pretty well with the folk'ish and sometimes tribal musical arrangements. to my surprise i don't know any actual band that sound like cult of youth and even for being that unique they deserve some attention, but also for an entertaining 11-track album.
to sum it up.... their self-titled album is a proper debut with tribal drumming, swooping violins, rum-soaked sea chantys plus sean ragon's empassioned singing.
8/10 (fk 26.02.11)

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similar artists: joy division, the pogues, death in june, nick cave & the bad seeds, arcade fire

last fm tags: neofolk, post punk, folk

cult of youth - cult of youth
release date: february 22, 2011
label: sacred bones records

album is available on iTunes!

01. new west
02. the dead sea

03. monsters
04. casting thorns
05. through the fear

06. weary

07. the pole-star
08. cold black earth
09. lorelei
10. the lamb
11. lace up your boots

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