Sunday, February 6

eden in stereo 03.2011 (part 1)

a bit earlier this time.... new eden in stereo. new cover art and tons and tons of new songs. for those of you who don't know what it is.... it's a compilation that i make every month. it contains my favourite songs of the past four weeks, on 2 cd's. this time part one features folk, lo-fi, garage and indie. part two will follow in a few days and contains stuff from destroyer, a.n.r., memory tapes, craft spells, young galaxy, japanese popstars... and and and.

01. iron & wine - tree by the river
02. the thoughts - winterkill
03. lord huron - son of a gun
04. fleet foxes - helplessness blues
05. pepper rabbit - none shall sleep
06. bright eyes - a machine spiritual (in the people's key)
07. bear hands - belongings
08. papercuts - marie says you've changed
09. cold war kids - flying upside down
10. distractions - all night
11. white fence - lillian (won't you play drums)
12. catwalk - (please) don't break me
13. dream diary - paper flowers
14. the fresh & onlys - until the end of time
15. orca team - and she knows
16. cloud nothings - understand it all
17. wavves - green eyes
18. japandroids - heavenward grand prix
19. mind spiders - going away tonight
20. burnt ones - gonna listen to t. rex (all night long)
21. chapel club - after the flood
22. the boxer rebellion - the runner
23. glasvegas - the world is yours

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