Tuesday, February 1

mind spiders - the mind spiders

denton/texas based mind spiders' debut album is a nice 12-song trip through punk, psychedelic and garage rock. nothing uber spectacular, but a good mood record. it needed some spins until i got into this album. honestly i am not too much into their "punk'ish" stuff ("go!" / "no romance" / "no. 3") because i have that intention to compare it with the hives. but.... since all the 12 songs are very catchy and as they're drifting into psychedelic / garage rock on most of the other songs i'd classify this as a "good mood" record for a friday evening and the start off into the weekend. an album that works pretty well on a playlist with wavves, japandroids and stuff like that.
7/10 (fk 01.02.11)

mind spiders on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mindspiderstx

similar artists: bad sports, wavves, japandroids, no age, weekend
last fm tags: garage punk, psychedelic, punk

actual album: mind spiders - the mind spiders
release date: january 18, 2011
label: dirtnap records
available on iTunes!!!

01. go!
02. don't let her go

03. mind spiders theme
04. read your mind
05. going away tonight

06. no romance

07. no. 3
08. one step ahead
09. slippin' and slidin'
10. your soul
11. neurotic gold
12. close the door

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