Sunday, February 27

pandit - eternity spin

pretty similar to bibio but yet totally different is the debut album from texas based lance smith aka pandit. it was released through lefse records (home of acts such as "how to dress well" or "bikini"). while bibio plays with various sounds and styles, pandit's album is more of a mix of moods and tempo. the opener "pack your bags" is probably the strongest song on the album. it's some kind of acoustic pearl with the help of reduced electronics. an amazing opener and an amazing song. after that opener "artichoke" releases a firework of electronic beats and effects. these two songs plus "kodiak" are my personal faves on the album. i would classify the whole album as "advanced chillwave", even though that label is a bit overused. as some chillwave albums bore me to death after a short while, this one won't because of it's playfulness with moods and atmosphere.
9/10 (fk 27.02.11)

pandit on myspace

similar artists: spirit spine, star slinger, bibio, keepaway, bikini

last fm tags: ambient, electronic, chillwave

pandit - eternity spin
release date: february 22, 2011
label: lefse records

album is available at the lefse records webshop!

01. pack your bags
02. artichoke

03. skivvies
04. kathryn, my love
05. the midi orchestration

06. scotch

07. we reach out (feat. star slinger)
08. augustus
09. kodiak
10. european dance theme (feat. foxes in fiction)

02. artichoke

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