Sunday, February 20

who are you - breizh

"who are you" are hailing from quebec and i don't know much about this band since i just stumbled upon them a few days ago. btw.... "breizh" means brittany in briton (bretagne en francais)). says this about the band:

Who are you is a trio from Quebec City, Quebec (Canada) born in October 2007 with the union between two ex-members of Uberko, Josué Beaucage (piano, vocal, synths, bass) and Simon Pedneault (guitars, vocal, gadgets), and Dominic Fournier (drums, percussions) ex-drummer of La Chambre. Their music has been compared to the likes of Patrick Watson, Pink Floyd and Karkwa among others…

honestly it took me a while to get into their album, because it's an album that can't be classified as inidie, dream-pop, folk or any other label. it's a bit of everything which makes it (at least for me) a bit more difficult getting into it after one or two spins. that also means... it keeps interesting. at first i was just listening to the banjo-driven "folk'ish" song "sleepwalkers" which is probably still my favourite, because it is simply amazing. after a few more spins the whole album grew on me and i can see similarities to bands such as "bear hands" or "pepper rabbit". another two songs that kept stuck in my ears are "la fanfare de breizh" with awesome french vocals. and.... last not least, "glisser", which is pretty much one of the best songs to end an album.... absolutely amazing! all in all.... a very atmospheric trip through the different styles of alternative rock/pop music with a light "dreamy" touch. a highly recommended band!
9/10 (fk 20.02.11)

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similar artists: pepper rabbit, bear hands, we are trees, lord huron, the dodos

last fm tags: indie, alternative, folk

who are you - breizh
release date: february 2011
label: disques nomade

01. all lights on
02. firefly

03. you're a fool
04. sleepwalkers
05. flags

06. the plant means now

07. la fanfare de breizh
08. le nord
09. qui t'aide?
10. shortcut on the race
11. glisser

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