Tuesday, March 15

acrylics - lives and treasures

imagine... a beach on a planet far far away... the water's green and you're starring into a purple sky while the blue and white twin-suns are shining. the only thing you need for the perfect satisfaction is the acrylics' debut album "lives and treasures". brooklyn based acrylics consists of milly shea and jason klauber. the album is a bit "not from this world" but then again there are some similarities to beach house or wye oak. it is dreamy, it is poppy, it is some kind of spaced out folk. i am really touched after the first spins as it is a perfect record for spring and all the upcoming good vibrations. probably one of the most surprising debuts (in a very very positive way) in 2011... until now. i wanna hug this record all the time and i wanna put it next to my pillow as i am falling asleep on a warm spring night.
10/10 (fk 15.03.11)

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similar artists: beach house, wye oak, twin shadow, white sea, kisses
last fm tags: dream pop, indie pop, indie

acrylics - lives and treasures
release date: march 1, 2011
label: friendly fire recordings

album is available on amazon!

01. counting sheep
02. molly's vertigo

03. the window
04. sparrow song
05. nightwatch

06. tortoise shell watch

07. it's cool here
08. asian pear
09. lives and treasures
10. the catacombs

04. sparrow song

08. asian pear

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