Tuesday, March 8

alamo race track - unicorn loves deer

amsterdam based quartet "alamo race track" might not be known by too many people in germany, which is a sad fact, because this band deserve a lot more attention. if just the media (radio and press) would just pay a bit more attention what's happening in the neighbourhood, alamo race track would find their audience.... and i am sure a "not too small" audience over here in krautland. shame on me, but i just knew alamo race track from the one song "black cat john brown" which was released in 2006 and featured on grey's anatomy. their new album is a fantastic 11-track indie-folk-pop jounrey. most of their songs have strings, banjos, horns and those typical "folk'ish instruments, but the record is by far more than just a simple folk'ish pop record. they remind me of the "figurines" a lot, but where the figurines tend to sound kinky, alamo race track keep it in shape. we should all keep an eye on this fantastic dutch band. show them some respect and effing buy their album on march 21!!!
10/10 (fk 08.03.11)

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similar artists: figurines, the submarines, the superimposers, i'm from barcelona, born ruffians
last fm tags: folk pop, indie pop, indie

alamo race track - unicorn loves deer
release date: march 21, 2011
label: excelsior recordings

album will be available on amazon!

01. apples
02. words sweet trouble

03. shake off the leaves
04. the moon rides high
05. motorman and owls

06. lindyhop

07. records
08. hypnotised I
09. unicorn loves deer
10. hypnotised II
11. killer lake

01. apples

02. words sweet trouble

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