Tuesday, March 15

brown recluse - evening tapestry

named after a pretty dangerous spider, brown recluse's music isn't half as dangerous. no, it's more of the total opposite. timothy meskers and mark saddlemire play some psychedelic sunshine pop that comes in a package full of lush harmonies, strings, twee'ish horns (that remind me of sgt. pepper... especially on "hobble to your tomb") and various organs. their music is like a neverending walk through a flower garden. the more you look around the more wonderfully coloured flowers you'll find... flowers you might have seen a dozen times before, but you almost forgot they still exist. one second they remind me of belle and sebastian or the shins and then.... suddenly the music drifts into a totally different direction. another great record for forthcoming spring and summer. one of the best things music can do.... it makes me smile!
9.5/10 (fk 15.03.11)

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similar artists: belle and sebastian, the shins, broken bells, seeland, the superimposers
last fm tags: psychedelic, indie pop, electronic

brown recluse - evening tapestry
release date: march 15, 2011
label: slumberland records

album is available on iTunes!

01. hobble to your tomb
02. impressions of a city morning

03. statue garden
04. summer showers
05. wooden fingers

06. beautiful light

07. monday moon
08. at last
09. golden sun
10. paisley tears
11. march to your tomb

05. wooden fingers

09. golden sun

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