Sunday, March 20

crystal stilts - in love with oblivion

glad to see crystal stilts are back with their sophomore album "in love with oblivion. back in 2009, their critically acclaimed debut album "alight of night" gained a lot of attention and. i fell in love with this band after a very short while. the two years have been worth the wait, because what i know from their new album is absolutely fantastic. their sound hasn't really changed, but there is a noticeable progression in their songs. their sound is still unique which is one reason why i think the similar artists below don't really fit.... but don't you blame me or last fm ^^. nevertheless.... their music could still be labelled as spooky and psychedlic post punk. on "in love with oblivion" we hear straighter arrangements plus there's a few new and additional instruments such as neat 60s organs. sometimes the album sounds like some cowboys from the wild west were about to invade a 1960s surf-party (just listen to the opener "sycamore tree" and you'll know what i mean). more melodies and more straightness is a big plus on this new album and it's a must have!
9/10 (fk 20.03.11)

Crystal Stilts "Through The Floor" from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

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similar artists (last fm): blank dogs, crocodiles, black tambourine, vivian girls, dum dum girls
last fm tags: psychedelic, post-punk, brooklyn

crystal stilts - in love with oblivion
release date: april 12, 2011
label: slumberland records

album will be available on iTunes!

01. sycamore tree
02. through the door

03. silver sun
04. alien rivers
05. half a moon

06. flying into the sun

07. shake the shackles
08. precarious stair
09. invisible city
10. death is what we live for
11. prometheus at large

01. sycamore tree

05. half a moon

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