Sunday, March 20

the soft moon - the soft moon

almost 5 months old but i just stumbled upon this album..... way too late, because this is another great release on captured tracks. the soft moon is multi-instrumentalist luis vasquez from san francisco. honestly i am not sure what to write about this album because it simply blasts me away. there's no real words that could explain what this album did to me during the first spin. it's dark, it's spheric, it's schizo, it's coldwave, it's trance, it's rock n roll, it's a bit of everything. walls of sound.... electric sound.... alien sounds.... or not. vocals in the background like snippets on a black painted wall. or.... as my friend from hadrian est où said: "the soft moon is a wonderful, steel-hard rock album from the darkest corners in the frisco underworld". at some parts it reminded me of the cure's "pornography" while at other parts it is close or similar to "a place to bury strangers" or "screen vinyl image". a great album and a great trip through a parallel dimension of sound.
10/10 (fk 20.03.11)

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similar artists (last fm): a place to bury strangers, screen vinyl image, ceremony, weekend, no joy
last fm tags: post-punk, new wave, coldwave

the soft moon - the soft moon
release date: november 16, 2010
label: captured tracks

album is available on iTunes!

01. breathe the fire
02. circles

03. out of time
04. when it's over
05. dead love

06. parallels

07. we are we
08. sewer sickness
09. into the depths
10. primal eyes
11. tiny spiders

11. tiny spiders

08. sewer sickness

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