Thursday, March 3

teeel - amulet

another great electronic record comes from new jersey based jim smith aka teeel. the whole album feels like a mix of chillaxin electronic music (don't call it chillwave!!!) with elements of 80s heroes, such as new order and the cure plus a bittersweet shoegaze-sauce on top of this musical cake. i personally am about to fall in love with jim smith's effort to mix those styles, even though it doesn't really sound new at all and maybe this record sounds way too straight with no real "rough edges". nevertheless..... it's a very entertaining album and it's a must have for fans of synthpop with chillwave/shoegaze vocals! sometimes it does remind me of maps and least a bit. very well done, but next time.... don't keep it too straight!!!
9.5/10 (fk 03.03.11)

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similar artists: little foxes, minks, boy friend, young minds, kyte
last fm tags: electronic, synthpop, shoegaze

teeel - amulet
release date: february 22, 2011
label: moodgadget

album is available on iTunes!

01. triangle waves
02. dark passenger

03. corduroy swell
04. ojai valley
05. sweet camaro

06. galilean moons

07. black diamonds
08. masterplan
09. amulet

07. black diamonds

02. dark passenger

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