Saturday, April 23

martial canterel - you today

nyc's based martial canterel's album "you today" sounds like an acoustic trip back in time to the early eighties. the energetic, fast pitched synth-beats remind me of orchestral manoeuvres in the dark, early depeche mode, front 242 or gary numan at times. sean mcbride's voice is pretty similar to andy mccluskey, what made me think "is this a long lost omd recording?" at the first listen. i have to admit.... martial canterel might sound similar to the above named 80s synthpop heroes, but sean mcbride's songs sound fresh and unused. his songs emanate a subtle melanchilic darkness and a rhythmic, militant propulsion (similar to front 242) keeping things moving against all odds. a great album and i hope to hear some of these tracks at my favourite club in the near future.
9/10 (fk 23.04.11)

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similar artists: orchestral manoeuvres in the dark, depeche mode, xeno and oaklander, silent signals, sleep museum
last fm tags: synthpop, electronic, new wave

martial canterel - you today
release date: february 8, 2011
label: wierd records

album is available on iTunes!

01. occupy these terms
02. market

03. sidestreets
04. the empty sand
05. still a part

06. some days
07. you today
08. secret stores
09. don't let me go
10. playfair
11. for us

01. occupy these terms

08. secret stores

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