Saturday, April 2

we are trees - girlfriend

new we are trees ep. a 5-tracker this time and it pretty much continues where "boyfriend" ended. still the same great music with a great ending. "i don't believe in love" does so not sound like the other tracks. it's got "heavy" guitar riffs and it's pretty much of what could be labelled as "upbeat". i love this tune. the whole ep is once again absolutely fantastic. it fills the gap between the dodos and maybe lord huron and fleet foxes.
10/10 (fk 02.04.2011)

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: the dodos, fleet foxes, band of horses, grizzly bear, department of eagles
tags: folk, bedroom pop

we are trees - girlfriend
release date: march 3, 2011
label: collective crowd records
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01. teenage heartbreak

02. colorado
03. girlfriend
04. you
05. i don't believe in love

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