Wednesday, May 25

cults - cults

cults are about to release their debut album "cults" in less than two weeks and you've been given the chance to listen to it in full length on "npr":

cults - cults (stream on npr).

despite the fact that almost half the songs of their debut were floating around on the web for a pretty long time, or were released as single/digital single.... and that it's "only" 5 very new songs, the album is a very entertaining trip through the sounds of 60's jingle-jangle pop. it's like the supremes found a time-machine and teleported themselves into 2011 with a stopover at the 90s to pick up some dream-pop legends. it's exactly what i expected and it's exactly what i wanted. the only "problem" with this kind of music is.... it could get boring after a while. i hope i'm terribly wrong with that last apprehension.
8/10 (fk 25.05.11)

Cults - Abducted from David Altobelli on Vimeo.

cults official website
cults on bandcamp
similar artists: guards, tennis, seapony, la sera, dum dum girls
last fm tags: indie, pop, lo-fi

cults - cults
release date: jun 7, 2011
label: columbia records

album will be available on iTunes!

01. abducted
02. go outside

03. you know what i mean
04. most wanted
05. walk at night

06. never heal myself
07. oh my god
08. never saw the point
09. bad things
10. bumper
11. rave on

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  1. this band (duo) is hypnotizing. When i listen to the songs they just sort of takes my mind away from everything and put me IN the song. I just watched the video for "abducted" and i'm speechless. absolutely beautiful.