Sunday, May 22

eden in stereo 06.2011 (part 1)

and again another month's over and we're getting closer to summer, even though... at least here, we already have summer.... pretty early this year. that's why the new "eden in stereo" might sound more like summer than the previous ones.... especially on part 2, but.... that's to be posted a bit later. on part 1 you'll find a lot of new bands/artists, but also some regular guest that you might know from previous eden in stereo compilations. as always part 1 contains the more "handmade" stuff and it ranges from great newcomers such as "zoo kid" to "old heroes" like arctic monkeys.


01. zoo kid - out getting ribs
(officially released 2010 as a limited vinyl editon, but completely sold out - yet to be released again on house anxiety records, no date)

02. sea oleena - sleepless fever
(from the ep "sleeplessness" - self released and available on her bandcamp site - april 13, 2011)

03. soft swells - every little thing
(from the single "every little thing - released through "modern outsider records" on feb 22, 2011)

04. we are trees - teenage heartbreak
(from the ep "girlfriend" - released through "collective crowd records" on march 3, 2011)

05. dodos - going under
(from the album "no color" - released through "wichita records" on march 13, 2011)

06. hey sholay - dreamboat

07. generationals - you say it too
(from the album "actor-caster" - released through "park the van records" on march 29, 2011)

08. california wives - tokyo
(from the digital-single (iTunes) "tokyo" - self-released on march 14, 2011)

09. wild nothing - gruesome castle
(from the split-single (with beach fossils) "gruesome flowers - a tribute to the wake" - released through "captured tracks" on april 16, 2011)

10. heavy hawaii - teen angel
(from the single "teen angel" - released through "art fag records" on september 28, 2010)

11. seapony - blue star
(from the forthcoming album "go with me" - will be released through "hardly art records" on may 31, 2011)

12. french films - convict
(forthcoming new single - no release date yet)

13. girls names - when you cry
(from the album "dead to me" - released through "tough love records" on april 25, 2011)

14. beach fossils - plastic flowers
(from the split-single (with wild nothing) "gruesome flowers - a tribute to the wake" - released through "captured tracks"
on april 16, 2011)

15. dirty gold - california sunrise

(from the ep "roar" - released through "autumn tone records" on april 12, 2011)

16. idiot glee - all packed up
(from the ep "idiot glee" - released through "hop hop records" on march 26, 2010)

17. cults - abducted
(from the single "abducted" - released through "sony music entertainment" on april 22, 2011)

18. foster the people - color on the walls (don't stop)
(from the album "torches" - released through "columbia records" on may 23, 2011)

19. i'm from barcelona - charlie parker

(from the album "forever today" - released through "emi sweden" on march 18, 2011)

20. arctic monkeys - that's where you're wrong
(from the album "suck it and see" - will be released through "domino records", on june 3, 2011)

21. deerhunter - nosebleed
(from the single "memory boy" - released through "4ad" on march 1, 2011)

22. the rural alberta advantage - muscle relaxants

(from the album "departing" - released through "saddle creek records" on march 1, 2011)

23. spc eco - gone

(from the ep "big fat world" - self-released through their bandcamp site on may 10, 2011)

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