Saturday, May 14

hooray for earth - true loves

hooray for earth's debut album "true loves" is a masterpiece....period! what i really like about this band is, that it's hard to classify music. after listening to their gorgeous ep "momo" back in 2010, i thought.... well, another (good) band trying to surf on that surf-pop / neo-surf-pop wave.... even though i really really liked the ep. now... and after the release of their single "true loves" i am far from comparing them with any other band. their music is so varied. the only band that came crossed my mind while listening to "true loves" was foals.... and maybe friendly fires' first album. "true loves" is a electronic driven summer record.... at least to me. music that puts you in good humour, that makes you dance or that is great chill-out music while relaxing from a hard day in school or at work.... or whatsoever. i am curious to seeing them live in the very near future. great band, great album... consequently full 10 points!
10/10 (fk 14.05.11)

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similar artists: foals, friendly fires, foster the people, youth lagoon, vacationer
last fm tags: electronic, indie, surfpop

hooray for earth - true loves
release date: june 7, 2011
label: dovecote records

album will be available on amazon!

01. realize it's not the sun
02. last minute

03. sails
04. true loves
05. same

06. hotel
07. no love
08. bring us closer together
09. pulling back
10. black trees

03. sails

06. hotel

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