Monday, May 9

austra - feel it break

i am far from being hysteric or something, but if there's an album that strong like austra's debut "feel it break".... i am close to becoming a little nerdy hysteric who's acting like a little teenie who can't wait to hold a copy of the album in his hands. is it really that worth becoming an hysteric just for an album? yes it definitely is! and why? well, have you ever asked yourself why music can put you in different moods? if you got an answer on this, you'd understand why austra does that to me. their album is simply fantastic. at first i was a bit scared, since a friend told me "man, her (katie stelmanis) voice sounds like florence (from florence and the machine).... and honestly, at parts it sounds similar. katie is a classically trained singer and her voice works perfect with the electronic sounds. citing influences from such artists as björk or other electronic bands led by a female vocalist, 80s synthpop / electronic new wave and maybe also florence and the machine, the toronto trio weaves a layered, midi-soaked, atmospheric audible tapestry. the songs flow together, giving the album a cohesive atmospheric feel. "feek it break" needs to be listened from start to finish. fantastic album!!!!
10/10 (fk 09.05.11)

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similar artists: young galaxy, braids, white sea, chew lips, the golden filter
last fm tags: electronic, synthpop, coldwave

austra - feel it break
release date: may 13, 2011
label: domino records

album will be available on iTunes!

01. darken her horse
02. lose it

03. the future
04. beat and the pulse
05. spellwork

06. the choke
07. hate crime
08. the villain
09. shoot the water
10. the noise
11. the beast

04. the beat and the pulse

08. the villain

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