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miracle fortress - was i the wave?

it's been almost four years since miracle fortress' last album "five roses" was released and now.... finally, graham van pelt comes up with his long awaited new full length "was i the wave?". now, the question is.... was it worth the wait? i say.... yes it was, but.....! the first "but" is because don't you better try to compare "was i the wave?" with "five roses". both albums are pretty different. the new album is way more poppy and as sad as i am about.... i miss that magic that made five roses one of my favourite albums. that doesn't mean the new album is boring... not at all. "was i the wave?" has high potential to hit a lot of "indie playlists" all around the world.... it's just different and way straighter than five roses. the second "but" is about the album length, because if you're really honest the album has only 6 full songs. the opener "awe" plus "wave", "before" and "until" are neat but short instrumentals. if you don't mind these two but's, the album is pretty much fun listening to. "raw spectacle", "spectre" and "tracers", which are my favourites, are the two songs that come pretty close to what i loved about "five roses".
7/10 (fk 01.05.11)

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last fm tags: electronic, indietronica, indie pop

miracle fortress - was i the wave?
release date: april 26, 2011 (canada) / may 17, 2011 (usa)
label: secret city records

album is available on iTunes! (canada)

01. awe
02. tracers

03. raw spectacle
04. wave
05. spectre

06. everything works
07. before
08. miscalculations
09. immanent domain
10. until

03. raw spectacle

06. everything works

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