Tuesday, May 17

painted palms - canopy

i've been waiting for a band to appear that combines the best of electronic, experimental, chillwave, surf-pop, post-rock and dance without sounding too much like any bands that would fit in the above named labels. well, i guess san francisco based painted palms is the one band i was waiting for. some of you might know them for their remixes they did for "yeasayer", "starfucker", "lord huron" or "asobi seksu". now they have their own 5-track ep "canopy" out which really sounds like an acoustic melting pot for advanced music addicts.... or:

''Something wicked this way comes, sinisterly infectious, missioned to calibrate your eardrums with your hypothalamus. The result, perfectly, is the tightening of your facial muscles to produce one of those tickly grins that overtakes your entire expressive potential. Even your ears, which you can’t move on command, join in on the fun and push up against the hairs along the side of your head.'' (from www.iguessimfloating.net)

after listening to this ep a several times, i am asking....is it just another great record for early summer, or is it one of the best ep's in 2011? i'm tending to say it's both, but most likely it's an addicting and breathtaking journey that needs to be continued as soon as possible. therefore, i can't resist to giving out another 10 out of 10!!!
10/10 (fk 17.05.11)

painted palms on bandcamp
painted palms on myspace
similar artists (last fm): of oceans, ra callum, the fantasies, work drugs, purity ring
last fm tags: electronic, experimental, chillwave

painted palms - canopy ep
release date: april 26, 2011
label: secretly canadian records

ep is available on iTunes!!!

01. all of us
02. water hymn

03. falling asleep
04. great white
05. canopy

01. all of us

02. water hymn

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