Tuesday, May 24

planningtorock - w

so here we have it.... janine roston aka planningtorock's second full length album, simply entitled "w". what lady gaga is for young and undecided self-expressionists who follow quick trends and who tend to succumb to visual seduction way too fast, that is planningtorock for those who adventure themselves by looking behind the curtain of the pop-stage. ptr's new album is a formidable journey through from the depths to the heights of musical melodrama. at parts ptr reminds of karin dreijer aka fever ray. just as fever ray, janine adds rough edges (espcially by pitching down the voice) to her sounds which gives "w" a very special something. i am not sure yet, if i'll prefer it over "have it all", but i am sure "w" will get at a lot of plays!.
9/10 (fk 24.05.11)

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similar artists: fever ray, the knife, telepathe, björk, cocorosie
last fm tags: electronic, experimental, pop

planningtorock - w
release date: may 17, 2011
label: dfa records

album is available on iTunes!

01. doorway
02. the one

03. manifesto
04. going wrong
05. i'm yr man

06. the breaks
07. living it out
08. milky blau
09. jam
10. black thumber
11. janine
12. #9

07. living it out

08. milky blau

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