Monday, May 9

zynic - fire walk with me

zynic is the german one-man synthpop project of h. p. siemandel. normally i am not a big fan of german synthpop acts, since they always try to sound depeche mode'ish with bad vocals and horrible english pronunciation. zynic here does sound depeche mode'ish, but siemandel does not try to hide it - no, he's even covering them - like on "any second now" which is a depeche mode classic from their 1981 debut album "speak and spell". "fire walk with me" flirts greatly with other classic 80s synthpop heroes such as yazoo, blancmange and even erasure. it's no masterpiece and it has it's lows, but it's a pretty nice synthpop record. for those who can't live without such music, it's probably a must-have.
7/10 (fk 09.05.11)

zynic on myspace
similar artists: endless shame, covenant, assemblage 23, de/vsion, depeche mode
last fm tags: synthpop, electropop, new wave

zynic - fire walk with me (ltd. edition)
release date: april 29, 2011
label:conzoom records

album (regular version) is available on iTunes!

01. rescue me
02. dreams in black and white

03. shadow framed memories
04. my personal kryptonite
05. mourning light

06. soul for sale
07. who's to blame
08. any second now
09. almost silence
10. absurd lovesong
11. rescue me (iris remix)
12. dreams in black and white (assemblage 23 remix)
13. shadow framed memories (people theatre's broken mix)
14. my personal kryptonite (parralox remix)

08. any second now

09. almost silence

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