Thursday, June 16

aquasonic 2011.2

aquasonic is a series of compilations that was originally started by me in the late 90s as a "dj mix" compilation. i recorded my "i wanna be a famous techno dj"-tries. later it became more of a "best of trance and techno" compilation. since 2005 i re-started aquasonic and put my most favourite "minimal/techno" tracks on it. i still love minimal stuff and from time to time i need a heavy dose of such stuff. here's the latest compilation "aquasonic 2011.2".

01. mowree - education to love (benjamin benfield dark remix)

02. pig & dan - lost within (original mix)

03. popof - the chomper (matt walsh remix)

04. a.k.o. - acceleration

05. loco & jam - room 909 (space djz remix)

06. sasha carassi - 3.44

07. tony laws - torture time

08. erphun - the guards of cyrus (monocraft invasion remix)

09. maxime dangles - lazergun

10. futur-e - anatomy

11. the advent & industrialyzer - midnight revolution

12. machine - cosmoonication

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