Thursday, July 14

baby monster - baby monster

some of you might remember baby monster's first big smasher "ultra violence and beethoven" which hit us back in late 2009. it took these guys over a year to come across with their first longplayer, but it was definitely worth the wait. "baby monster" is a great electronic driven indie dance record. don't blame me for using that dumb term "indie-dance", but their music is exactly what i'd expect when someone told me it was indie-dance. the album is more than proof why baby monster were ever compared to mgmt. it's a mixture of dance, psychedelic, indie, retro-sounds and a lot of style. i can also see a similarity to passion pit, solid gold and starfucker. all told, it's a great album and hopefully the album*s release marks the point where baby monster's success gained momentum!!
9/10 (fk 14.07.11)

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similar artists: mgmt, passion pit, solid gold, starfucker, nightwaves
last fm tags: electronic, indie, dance

baby monster - baby monster
release date: june 27, 2011
label: black dew records

album is available on iTunes!

01. the fear of charlie sunrise
02. mr. success

03. she comes alive
04. fresh biscuits
05. russian lights

06. kalookan queen
07. it's all come back to me
08. curses
09. ultra violence and beethoven
10. forms

01. the fear of charlie sunrise

05. russian lights

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