Monday, July 18

bands to watch: discopolis

from breaking more waves:

''Sounds like digital fucking.’ That’s the tag line that Edinburgh three piece Discopolis use to describe themselves. If that sounds a little bit like two computers wiring up each other’s USB ports – cold, romantic and lacking any sort of personality or physical climax - then thankfully the description isn’t 100% accurate. For although the music of Discopolis mixes up house, layered electronica and techno to get the body a quivering, there’s real living human element to their music as well that gives a golden glow.''

"digital fucking" is exactly what describes discopolis music best. bit of delphic, bit of fenech-soler..... bit of cut copy. a grat band to keep an eye on in the future. i am sure we'll gonna hear a lot of them soon.

discopolis @ facebook

Discopolis - Lofty Ambitions by discopolismusic

Discopolis - Summer Nightmares by discopolismusic

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