Saturday, July 23

pnau - soft universe

some people like sweetness, but too much sugar can cause hyperglycaemia.... and honestly, pnau's new album "soft universe" is some acoustic hyperglycaemia. now, we all love the sweets and candy is something we really don't wanna miss and seen from that point of view their new album is nothing more than a very.... very sweet candy bar. the record is a pop-music orgy and has absolutely nothing to do with pnau anno 2007. the positive thing about "soft universe" is, that it isn't a bad record.... if you like electronic driven pop music. the songs are extremely catchy and almost every song on the record has a "into space elevating chorus". pete moyes, one half of pnau had this to say about the record:

"I think the ’70s soft-rock sound, and to a certain extent the songwriting associated with that, has been an influence on us for a while now. Maybe it’s only come out in the music in the last few years. But absolutely. The last [Pnau] record was still quite clubby I guess. The Empire of the Sun record was kind of an evolution of that, with more lyrics and song structures. And then this record again is where we’ve evolved from that. You can’t help being influenced by what you’ve worked on and who you’ve worked with, more importantly."
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so, whether you like pop-music or not, "soft universe" isn't a bad album at all. it's just different and it needs a time to become friends with the new pnau, but i am sure it could be a nice and long friendship..... i am not talking about a love-affair, but a nice friendship.

7.5/10 (fk 24.07.11)

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similar artists: empire of the sun, miami horror, bag raiders, monarchy, cut copy
last fm tags: electronic, pop, dance

pnau - soft universe
release date: july 22, 2011 (australia)
label: universal music

album will be available on iTunes!

01. everybody
02. solid ground

03. unite us
04. twist of fate
05. the truth

06. glimpse
07. epic fall
08. better way
09. something special
10. waiting for you

01. everybody

07. epic fail

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